On account you'll find Druid of 110 lvl. Character is on Stormscale realm.
Main spec -  restoration 318 ivl , Balance - 318 ivl

Mounts: Felglow Mana RayArchdruid's Lunarwing Form , Armored Brown Bear.
All quest lines for Aszune, Highmountains, Stormheim, Suramar, Val'Sharah and Broken Shore have been completed.

Legion Pathfinder is already done - all characters on account have possibility to fly on Broken Isles.

Also remember that travel form of druid allow you bring a friend with you - so you already have "double seated" mount.

So with this account you have a possibility of trying to play without wasting a time for boosting. Buy it now and have fun! 

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WOW EU Account Druid Horde

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