Terms & Conditions

The Agreement.

This Agreement (hereinafter - the Agreement) regulates relations between Customers and Agents (together referred to as the 'Parties" and individually as "Party") referring the intermediary services the Agent provides.

Placing the order in accordance with the Agreement, the Client unconditionaly accepts the terms of the Agreement.

1. Main Concepts:

1.1. Agent - MMO-LVL.COM, which provides its Customers with intermediary services according to the Agreement;

1.2. Client - private person, which ordered or has intent to order the intermediary services;

1.3. Intermediary services -  Actions performed by the Agent under its own name, but paid by the Client, to set proper interaction between the Client and the Players, who provide the Client with their service in an online game;

1.4. Game — an interactive online PC game;

1.5. Player — a person involved into the gaming process;

1.6. Ingame object — game account, game resource, game item;

1.7. Game account — the account which includes all data about the player, his/her ingame character and his progress in the game;

1.8. Game resource — in-game currency (gold, coins, Silver, isks & etc.), acknowledged as a measure of value and instrument of payment according to rules of the corresponding Game;

1.9. In-game item — in-game weapons, armor, clothes, artifacts and other items which are used in the Game;

1.10. Character powerleveling — actions, performed according to the rules of the game and approved by the Customer, which result in taking control over a character in the game, in order to:

a) increase one of ingame characteristics of the character: experience, skills, level and any other features, —


b) pass the specified in-game level;

1.11. Agent’s site — Agent’s website, hosted at MMO-LVL.COM

2. Ordering and Provision of Intermediary Services.

2.1. The Client agrees to follow the Agreement and other rules and instructions, concerning the Intermediary services provided by the Agent (which are published on Agent’s site).

2.2. To place an order the Client chooses the required service using a special webform on Agent’s site and fills all fields that are specified as obligatory. These fields include the vital information needed to proceed with the deal that is made between the Agent and the Player/Players. The Agent may change the specified terms only if that doesn’t contradict any of the Client’s interests and doesn’t bring any extra expenses. Regarding to the terms that were not discussed with the Client, the Agent may act upon his own discretion.

2.3. By sending the filled web-form to the Agent, the Client unconditionally complies to the terms of the Agreement and other conditions of the deal, which were chosen by the Client in the web-form (subject and size of the services etc.), in order the Agent to make a deal with third parties to fullfil the Agreement.

2.4. After sending the webform, the Client makes payment according to the specified rate. The specified ammount is used by the Agent to pay for the services of a player to complete the deal in the interests of the Client, and includes Agent’s reward according to the Agreement.

2.5. The payment can be made using any of the specified on Agent’s site options. Both parties can pick another payment option upon consensual agreement.

2.6. The Agent is obliged to complete the necessary actions to fulfill the Agreement in reasonable terms. Usually the Agent specifies default completion time for specific order on Agent’s site.

2.7. The Client may ask the Agent to make a deal with the Player to commit the actions, leading to transfer of an in-game object to the Client or powerleveling the Client’s character or for any other purposes specified on the Agent’s site.

2.8. In case of ordering intermediary services concerning character powerleveling, the Client is obliged to provide all necessary information to the Agent (Game Account details needed to log in into the game and play the corresponding character). The Client understands and agrees that this information will be passed by the Agent to the third party found by the Agent to perform the character leveling. The Client is obliged not to log into his/her account without asking the Agent and/or against the instructions received by the Agent from the third party.

2.9. If the Agent did not manage to complete the order placed by the Client in the specified time terms, the Client may demand a refund or the Agent may refund the money at its discretion.

3. Special conditions:

3.1. The Client understands and confirms, that the Agent acts on the Client’s orders, that the Agent performs only the intermediary services for the Client and can’t be responsible for possible legal consequences that may happen to the Client’s account (for example, in some games there are sanctions to the accounts which were passed to the third parties; the Agent is not responsible for following the rules of the game andand for the actions of the Client, including those connected to the Agreement, to suit the Game’s rules). The Agent is only responsible for the proper actions performed by the third parties for the Client’s benefit, but not for their result.

3.2. From the Agent’s side the placement of the documents on the Agent’s site is considererd to be valid signature, because only the Agent and its trustees have a right to access the information posted on the Agent’s site. The documents, posted on the Agent’s site as a result of a third party’s criminal actions, will not be valid.

3.3. The messages, send from the e-mails of both parties appear as documents, written in a simple form and signed by specific party are considered an analogue of the valid signature. The parties agree that such documents (messages) will be valid without any additional confirmations or registrations (and not requiring autographic signing), only if the other is not directly specified on the Agent’s site or by the Parties.

3.4. About the ingame risks.


All boosting services are provided at your own risk.

The purchase of leveling is restricted by rules of some games and the administration of the game can block your account.

Upon buying such services, you agree on these rules and should understand it.